Consultec and ENGCOMP have formed an alliance to deliver a wider variety of engineering services for multiple commodities in the mining sector.

The two firms are established and successful in their regions and areas of expertise, but have chosen to work together when they require specific local knowledge or to collaborate on larger projects.

The primary benefit to clients will be access to unique areas of expertise and considerable depth of experience within the capacity of a mid-size engineering firm. Through the alliance, the two firms have expertise with a wide variety of engineering disciplines, such as process, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and automation engineering. The firms have considerable experience in the conceptual stage of a project, and have specialty expertise in areas such as risk and decision analysis in a variety of disciplines in the mining sector. As an alliance, the firms are equipped to service most commodities, including cement/lime, coal, gold/precious metals, potash and base metals.


Consultec, headquartered in Toronto, has been offering integrated engineering solutions for cement and mining projects for over 35 years. Together with their subsidiary, Walter Dow Associates, Consultec has developed an international reputation for excellence and innovation in delivering multi-disciplinary engineering around the world. Consultec’s strengths are focused on the conceptual and detailed multi-disciplinary engineering design of projects combined with project management, procurement and construction management.   Headquartered in Saskatoon, serves Western Canada’s heavy industrial sector. The firm has provided award-winning engineering services for some of Canada’s largest mining companies. ENGCOMP’s success is largely based on close interaction with clients to ensure an effective and efficient design process. ENGCOMP is frequently involved with the concept stage of a project, and has experience seeing projects through from concept to completion.
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